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State of the Union 2023

Main initiatives

European Green Deal
  • Organise a series of Clean Transition Dialogues with industry to develop an approach for each industrial ecosystem, including agriculture
  • Propose a European Wind Power package to help alleviate challenges facing the EU’s wind industry; fast-track permitting even more and improve the auction systems
  • Launch an anti-subsidy investigation into electric vehicles coming from China
  • Launch a strategic dialogue on the future of agriculture in the EU
Economy, social and competitiveness
  • Organise a new Social Partner Summit to focus on challenges – from skills and labour shortages to changes stemming from artificial intelligence
  • Appoint an EU envoy for small and medium enterprises who will report to the Commission President
  • Put forward legislative proposals to reduce reporting requirements at the European level by 25%, to make it easier to do business
  • Solicit a report from Mario Draghi on the future of European competitiveness, to set out how the EU can remain competitive while leading on clean transition
Digital and artificial intelligence
  • Initiative to open up our high-performance computers to European AI start-ups to train their models
  • Support the creation of a global panel gathering scientists, tech companies and experts, to identify opportunities and risks related to AI
  • Work with business sector on minimum global standards for safe and ethical use of AI
  • Propose to extend the temporary protection for Ukrainians in the EU
  • Implement the proposal for a Ukraine Facility, worth €50 billion, for investment and reforms in the next 4 years
  • Extend the EU Rule of Law reports to those accession countries that get up to speed faster
  • Launch a series of pre-enlargement policy reviews to see how each EU policy may need to be adapted to a larger EU
  • Present ideas to the Leaders’ discussion to be held under the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU
Global Europe, migration and security
  • Propose a new strategic approach for Africa, to develop mutually beneficial partnership on common issues for both continents
  • Organise an international conference on the fight against smuggling of migrants
2023 State of the Union - Main initiatives